CentOS Community Enterprise Operating System

What is CentOS?
CentOS is an Enterprise Linux distribution based on the freely available sources from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Each CentOS version is supported for 10 years (by means of security updates). A new CentOS version is released approximately every 2 years and each CentOS version is periodically updated (roughly every 6 months) to support newer hardware. This results in a secure, low-maintenance, reliable, predictable and reproducible Linux environment. Read more . . .

Last few years I used most of Linux distributions that freely available. They all have their unique properties that keep them top of each. At last I came to conclusion that what is best for what. Here is the fact . . .
  •  For Linux beginners good to start with Ubuntu, Mint
    • Ubuntu is based on Debian Linux and user friendly.
    • Have special version for servers.
    • Have large community of users.
    • Mint is based on Ubuntu, good for beginners comes with pre installed multimedia support and more.
    • Less secured
  • Intermediates who wants to go ahead, I suggest to use Fedora, Debain
    • Fedora is based on Red hat and use RPM based package management. 
    • Debian is the first Linux distribution, worth to give a try
  • For experts use CentOS Enterprise Linux
    • Enterprise level Linux distribution.
    • More secured
    • Difficult to configure
    • High security with SELinux
    • High performances
At the end if you want real Linux experience (expert) use CentOS. 


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