X server sharing on ubuntu

As you know X window system eat most system resources in the machine.It's ok with my personal computer, but it deffer when it comes to a enterprise server.So by default any Ubuntu server doesn't come with X server. It's ok with experienced Linux users.But I have to work with other user who have no good knowledge of Linux. So I have to find a way to get X window system in Ubuntu server without using it's own resources.At last I decide to use backup server as a desktop environment for the server.Here how I configure it to server as a X server.

For security reasons Ubuntu doesn't allow X server sharing.To enable it edit
/etc/gdm/custom.conf and add
and restart.Now you have X listening on port 6000.Then you need to disable the 
X server firewall by
 />xhost +
in terminal.By doing this we allow any user to access X server !.For more accurate configurations see xhost manual.Now we are done.Try to access
X serve from other machine(server) by setting
export DISPLAY=192.168.1.x:0.0
and start any program that use the X server from server.It will pop on other machine.


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